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  • I would like to ask that God help me to see why I don't care about my life and to see a reason to live and to have a real willingness to live and appreciate my life. To help me clearly see his answer. I ask also for you to pray that God provide all the help and provisions I need to live those reasons. And that God enable me to accept what he gives me for the reasons he gives for me to live and for the help and provision for that, and he gives me the willingness and courage to take it and move forward. (4/24/22)
    anonymous anonymous - 25 April, 2022
  • Please keep Dales family and fiancee in your prayers - they are struggling to come to terms with his sudden passing. Help is needed but very difficult due to the covid situation.
    - 08 April, 2021
  • Please pray for my estranged husband that God will put love and forgiveness in his heart for his family.
    Carly - 17 March, 2021
  • My Uncle passed away Saturday afternoon. Please continue to pray for his immediate family who is left behind. They are not Seventh Day Adventist, but my Uncle and my Auntie used to read the Bible together before he passed away. We (My mom, Joe, Jaden, Micah and I) will continue to witness to them every opportunity we have. Please keep us in your prayers.
    Michelle Monterola - 23 February, 2016
  • Please pray for my great grandson, who has had a stroke at age of 6. He can't talk well or walk very well.
    Richard Chapman - 07 February, 2016